You are smarter than you think!

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You are smarter than you think withMartijnYou are smarter than you think!

A true Marketing Superhero is great at making decisions. He knows how to follow his intuition. In this blogpost, I want to share with you a great technique for better decision making. Which taps into your inner wisdom. You really are smarter than you think!

So many options

Sometimes our logical mind gets in the way when making decisions. There are simply so many options, so may choices. We feel overwhelmed. Many of us have the tendency of overanalysing too. We almost get paralysed. Here is a great way to tap into your intuition and get moving again.

Use your muscle tension

There are basically two options. Either a decision comes from a place of flow and feels good. Or your body fully resists the outcome, since it is bad for you. When you can’t make up your mind, you can actually use your muscle tension to test the best outcome for your situation. It is really easy.

Here is how it works

1. Think of a question. This could be as small as “Should I eat a hamburger for lunch?”. Or really big like “Should I change my job and become a singer in a band?”.


2. When you are clear on your question. Restate it as though you have made your decision. So in the example above: “Yes, I want to eat a hamburger” or “No, I better stay in my current job”.


3. Now tightly place the tip of your left thumb on your left pinky finger to form an O-shape.


4. Place your right thumb and index finger though the O-shape to form a second ring with your right hand. Again pressing your fingers tightly together.


5. Now pull your hands apart. If the O shape separates easily, your body doesn’t support your decision. This is a clear indication that the answer is NO. If, however, you can’t pull your fingers apart, the choice you are making is a strong YES!


It works almost like magic. Go and try it out yourself — it will help you make decisions more easily. I have first read about this great tool in the book Miracles Now by New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein. I can highly recommending reading the rest of her inspiring book!

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