You always have a choice!

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You always have a Choice!

You can’t control all the circumstances in your life. Somethings are inevitable. Life sometimes “just” happens. This is a fact we all have to deal with. However, I am a true believer that you can always choose the way you respond to what ever comes your way. And this freedom choice is simply liberating.

Take a step back

When you are stuck in a ditch first of all you need to stop digging! Don’t make the situation any worse for yourself. When you are unhappy with how your life is going, take a step back and review your situation. When an unfortunate event happens, zoom out and make an objective assessment of where you are. How you got there, where you want to ga and what your options are.

Change your surroundings

Go for a walk in the park. Do some exercise to help clear your mind. Download your thoughts onto paper. Make sure you get the right overview, reviewing it ideally from different perspective. Perhaps talk to a friend or coach. You don’t need to do things all by yourself.

What’s in your circle

Then make a distinction about what you can and can’t control. Draw a circle an write down all the things you have no control over outside the circle. You can never overcome the things that are outside of your circle of influence. That is a battle you can never win. But now you also know what lies within your control. So you can take positive actions and move your life – step by step – into a better direction.

It takes time

This is usually something that takes time. There is however an instant fix to any bad situation. And that is they way you perceive whatever happens to you. Do you see yourself as unlucky and the victim of the situation? Or can you reframe it to a challenge or lesson to learn? It isn’t easy, but I strongly believe you always have a choice in how you see things. The glass is either half empty or half full.


As written in my previous blogpost reframing a problem to an inspiring question sparks your creativity and get your brain thinking up new solutions and ideas. If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me directly.


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