Will power workout

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Will power workout withMartijn

Will power workout

Just like any other muscle in your body, your will power can also be trained. I recommend you do a will power workout regularly. Incorporate building your mental resilience in personal development plan. It beholds your ability to plan ahead and stick to that activity. Whether it is improving your diet, writing regularly blogposts or cutting down on watching TV. Every goal you set benefits from your increased will power.

Stretch yourself

Sometimes you need to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, in order to grow. When it comes down to will power you do that by setting yourself a challenge and follow through. The determination is really part of the workout. Plan specifically and deliberately ahead and -most importantly- pull through. Do what you set yourself out to do. Make that tough phone call, visit that potential client, send an action request via mail.

Do something bold

Yesterday, for example, I set my alarm really really early to take the very first yoga class at 6.30 am this morning. Not only did I made it to class in time – I felt wonderful afterwards. Partly due to the lovely yoga practice, but mostly because of the proud feeling of accomplishing this challenge. I must admit I prefer being still asleep at that time.

Boost your confidence

Knowing that you can do whatever you set out gives you an immense boost in confidence and self worth. Small successes help you build stamina to take on bigger challenges in life. Start the habit of building your will power step by step. Staying true to the promises you make with yourself form the essential part of your will power workout. So you will grow stronger over time.

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