We all need applause

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Applause withMartijn

We all need applause

A dancer on stage, a singer-songwriter or actor – they seem to live for the applause. I believe we all have this need: to get recognised by others, for the things we do, for the way we are. Receiving a genuine compliment just feels good. Especially when you are a person who tends to be quite self critical.

Instant pick-me-up

And although you should not let your self worth depend on it, getting positive feedback is an instant “pick-me-up”. Especially when you perform well in an area that feels outside your field of expertise or for something you would not naturally do. (This is also a great way of stretching your comfort zone!)

Save those compliments

Don’t we all feel a little insecure once in a while? Falling back on compliments you received in the past can give a boost to your confidence. So document tokens of appreciation carefully, that way you can reconnect with these good vibes during more challenging times.

Have your own cheerleaders

It is important to have people in your life who cheer for you. People who believe in your capabilities and literally give you applause. It is great to get frequent reminders on the progress you are making. We often tend to trivialise our accomplishments ourselves. Be sure to thank them for their feedback.


In reciprocity, why not give someone a compliment today? Who deserves some applause?

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