Keys to finding your own tribe

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Finding your tribe withMartijnKeys to finding your own tribe

Last week, I had to honour to announce two magnificent motivational speakers during a workshop. I was asked to welcome them on stage, after giving a short introduction in which I could share a short, personal story on how they both have touched my lives. It felt heartwarming to have the whole audience cheer for them. And during their speech it occurred to me that we all need to find our own tribe: a community of likeminded folks in which we can literally recharge our batteries and get new inspiration and ideas.

Nobody can do it all alone…

Although you need to do it yourself in this world, you don’t have to do it all alone in this world. Success is always a team effort. No big achievement is ever done by a single individual. Be sure to get the best people onboard that are well suited and equipped for the goal at hand. It is said that you are the sum of the five people you hang out with the most.

Plug in your inspiration socket

We all need to regularly recharge our batteries. We literally need to plug into that inspiration socket, like you would with your phone and charger. This could be by reading an inspirational article or book, watching a motivational speech or -perhaps even better- have a good conversation with people you like. (But not necessarily like you!) By sharing ideas, you’ll develop new ones and you’ll enrich your live.

Keep your cup full

To me a hero is an ordinary person, who does extraordinary things. Heroes tend to be very giving persons. Sharing their energy, ideas and knowledge with the world. It is key they focus on keeping their cup full and even overflowing, so they can share from a place of abundance. And I suggest you do the same. This way energy flows freely, and miracles actually can happen.


Perhaps your cup feels empty at the moment. Or you haven’t found your tribe of kindred people yet. Or you are in need of some inspiration? Be sure to sign-up for my weekly Marketing Superhero newsletter, which I aim to grow into a powerful mastermind group.

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