The recipe for success

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Recipe for success withMartijnThe recipe for success: repeatable models

Don’t go searching for the truth, go searching for what works. Understanding of the problem is not the solution. In the end it all comes down to getting the desired results you’re after. So find out what works and transform this into repeatable models. You can use again and again. This is the recipe for success — both in business and in your personal life. Here’s how it works.

Observe and evaluate success

Put on your detective hat and closely observe successes. Both the ones you have achieved yourself and those from people you admire and/or have already done what you’ve set out to achieve. Learn from what worked really well. Crack the code. Distil the steps of the recipe that lead to success. Biographies of successful people form a wonderful source of inspiration here.

Simply ask for the recipe

Whenever possible, ask the people how they have achieved what they did. Learn from their mistakes and model the strategies that worked for them. If you follow a recipe by the letter, you can cook just as good as any master chef. Even better when you observe them doing it first — so you also see those unwritten rules. When reviewing your own successes, pay close attention to all those little steps you took, which are easily overlooked.

Implementation is key

It’s not in the knowing, it’s in the actual doing that will lead you to those desired results. So make sure you properly implement those strategies you’ve discovered. I believe that here most people can win the most. If you’re waiting to be fully ready, nothing will ever change. Because there is no such thing as being completely ready. Start and trust that the right answers and people will simply show-up, because you know which questions to ask and where to look.


Searching a repeatable model is a great way to start. Following in the footsteps of the master and being able to adapt this to you own needs. This is where the first marketing superpower of Thinking  Transferrable comes into play.


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