The power of pen and paper

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Pen and Paper withMartijn

The Power of Pen and Paper

Everywhere I go, I carry my notebook with me. This way I can always write down new thoughts and ideas. I even use a paper agenda to write down my appointments and to do’s. I like to have an overview of all my commitments in one place. Here are five reasons, why pen and paper work best.


It is scientifically proven

Scientists have proven that writing things down – with a pen or pencil onto plain old paper – helps you process information better. It allows you to better imprint the data in your memory. So when in meetings or during a seminar, be sure to take notes. Your mind already needs to summarise the key points of the presentation, which helps the proces of recollecting this information later on.


It helps you think better

Putting your thoughts onto paper helps you to think better. It clears your mind. It serves both the left and the right part of your brain. Allowing you to think linear and see the bigger picture at the same time. Because you have no backspace button, you can’t edit your words. Allowing a natural flow of thoughts to review later on.


It helps you keep track

When you take notes, you can always look back at them. Especially when you are working on multiple projects, you can easily get off track. Which costs you and your team precious time. Reviewing your notes and action points before a meeting gets you back on track instantly.


It works always & everywhere

Since you don’t need any batteries or power cables, pen and paper work everywhere. Okay, perhaps not while standing in the rain waiting for the bus, but you get my point. Low-tech solutions are sometimes simply the best.


It is pleasantly rewarding

When you have finished a task, nothing is more rewarding than crossing it off your To Do list. This gives a huge sense of accomplishment. I even go as far as writing down things I did do, but that weren’t on my list. Just for the pure pleasure of crossing things off!


So, do you take notes? What is your favourite method? Do share your views in the comments section below!

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