The myth of work-life balance

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Work life balance withMartijn

The myth of work-life balance

Some people talk about finding work/life balance. I believe that is a myth. There is only life. Your life! In which work is only one element in the overall mix. You also have other roles and responsibilities, dreams and ambitions that you need to fit into the 24 hours we call a day. I believe it’s your own responsibility is to ensure you are happy with the way the overall cocktail tastes. With 2016 just around the corner, it is a great time to assess how pleased you are with this.

Assess your life

I believe you are the captain of your own life. And although you don’t always have influence what happens to you, I believe you always have a choice how to respond. This belief helps to empower you and places you back into the driver’s seat. Look at your career, your relationship with your loved ones, your physique, the way you spend your free time. Does this all give you joy? Or do you wish to change things? Only you can decide. But know that things only change when you action upon it.

Assess your habits

We human beings are all creatures of habit. We often run on auto-pilot, to save up valuable brain space to cope with life challenges. This is all perfectly fine, as long as you are happy with these habits. But have you recently examined if this is the case? Do they need some adjustments? What is the relationship with your phone? Do you spend too much tie watching TV or on social media? How is your fitness routine? Are you taking good care of your goose? Now is the best time to start!

Things take time

In order to imprint a new habit into our system, we need to perform this new behaviour consciously and consistently for 66 days. Making sure you remind yourself continuously through-out the day to perform the desired behaviour. A great tool to support you with this, is the Habit maker app, which sends out gentle reminders on your smart phone at various intervals. But remember things take time.


In the next coming weeks I will be exploring the topic of goal setting, to give you the tools to help you make 2016 your best year yet. Leave a comment below which habit(s) you wish to change.

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