The Goals of Goal Setting

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Goal of Goal Setting withMartijn

The Goals of Goal Setting

A goal is a future achievement with a timely deadline you can work towards to. Goals are important as they help you on your way in creating the life that you desire. If done right, goal setting will motivate you to take the necessary action to achieve the results you are after, and to grow as a human being. These are the five goals of goal setting.

Goals get you moving

Your goals should be a representation of your deepest desires. The things that drive you in life, both in business and in the personal realm. This way goals will motivate you to jump out of bed every morning, to take charge in changing your world.

Goals give you focus

We all have limited resources, and clear goals help you to focus on those things that matter most to you. This is especially true for our most precious resource -namely our time- since every minute lost can never be regained. What we spend our time on, should reflect our goals accordingly.

Goals help you track progress

Goals can help you measure progress. Especially when you have formulated them in a SMART way. They allow you to track how far you have come and give clarity on where you need to go. So you know which actions you should take to make them reality.

Goals make you accountable

Rather than simply talking about what you want, goals make you obliged to take action. Clear goals help you determine whether you are living up against what you have set out to achieve or not. In the end you are only accountable to yourself, nobody else. That results in the last point:

Goals make you a hero

My definition of a hero is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. Goals help you achieve your highest potential. Without clear goals, you subject yourself to the natural, default set of actions that keep you feel safe and comfortable every day. But remember that outside your comfort zone is where all the magic happens.


So go out and set some amazing goals for 2016, Marketing Superhero!


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