The Benefits of Checklists

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The Benefits of Checklists


The Benefits of Checklists

A true Marketing Superhero strives to do his or her work in the most effective and efficient way. One great magical trick for Focus Pocus — the fifth Marketing Superpower described in my ebook “How to Become a Marketing Superhero!” — is making lists. In today’s post, I highlight some of the benefits of using checklists.

Checklists give you overview

It’s very rewarding to cross things off your list. So you know what still needs to be done. But this also gives you a great overview of what you already have accomplished. Especially when you write things down on paper, you have a wonderful trackrecord of your progress. I use a Moleskin paper agenda — with on the left page the seven days of the week and on the right page room for my To Do’s. This ways I always have an instant overview of my appointments, what I need to do and a trackrecord of what I have done.

Step by step

As you might have noticed, I am writing my blogs more frequently these days. I regularly upload fresh content to my website. Especially in the beginning, I tend to forgot things like underlining links or tagging content. Now I follow a simple step by step checklist I created. This contains all the necessary process steps in the right order. This way I won’t forget important things. So I don’t need to log in to make adjustments. A checklist is also great for daily habit forming and easy delegation to others.

Get Green Ticks

“Green Ticks” is concept I have developed about one year ago — in a period of my life which was pretty rough. When you have done a task in a great way, give yourself a green tick mark. So not only did you complete your To Do, the way did you did is was rewarding too. You are thus evaluating the process as you go. Which help you focus on the positive. This is also a great way to motivate your team when working together.


Thinking Transferable — as explained in my book — for which regular tasks could you develop a checklist? What To Do did you gave yourself a green tick mark today? Please let me know in the comments below.

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