The 100.000 dollar idea

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100.000 dollar idea withMartijn

The 100.000 dollar idea

At the turn of the 20th century American entrepreneur and steel magnate Charles M. Schwab was one of the richest, most successful men on earth. One day a young guy approached him with the following proposal: “Dear mister Schwab, I would love to share with you an idea and I would like you to use it for one month. At the end of that month you just pay me whatever you think the idea was worth.” Mr. Schwab considered it a fair deal. At the end of the month Mr. Schwab give the guy 100.000 dollar. That would be over 10 million dollars today. It’s simple yet incredibly powerful!

Write a list of 5 task at the end of every day

At the end of each day make sure to write down the 5 most import things to do tomorrow. And to make it super clear: make sure you do them! I can image you might be thinking why pay such a high amount of money for such a basic, simple idea? But I have been applying this idea for over a month now and can assure you: this really works. It enhances your power to Focus Pocus.

Here are the reasons why this works so brilliantly

The time you write your list — since you write them at the end of the day, preferably just before you go to sleep, you engage your subconscious mind for an additional eight hours during your sleep. Your brain is already preparing you mentally for the 5 most important tasks to focus on the next day. So you start every day highly focussed.

It’s forming a brilliant habit — the 100.000 dollar idea states that you write your list every day. So it forms a natural habit to focus on you 5 most import task. At the end of every day.

It captures all your to do’s — you record what you need to do. I highly recommend using pen and paper. This way these 5 task become part of you. You will be able to remember them better. I personally use a sticky note each day, which I collect in a jar after crossing them off.

It helps you prioritise — the list you create consist of the 5 most important things to do. So it gives great focus. And it makes your priorities super clear. I personally don’t believe in work-life balance (there is only life) and I believe this idea helps you focus on all aspects in your life. Both business and private matters. All on one list! I regularly put down exercising or calling a good friend as a must do.

It allows roll-overs — when for some reason you can’t accomplish all of the tasks on your list, don’t beat yourself up. Instead be happy that you already know the first items on the list of 5 for the next day.

It demands action — you know what to work on every day. Of course you can do more than these five tasks. But this idea also helps to pace yourself, Marketing Superhero!


Try it out yourself. Use the idea for one month! And then let me know what you think it is worth.


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