Thank you!

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Thank you withMartijn

Thank You!

Today is Thanksgiving, and in the spirit of this American tradition I have spend time today expressing gratitude for the good and positive things in my life. And at the same time, I also accept that there are things in my life not yet working – remembering life is a journey – and welcome these feelings into my life. They are a sign I am getting stronger and stimulate me in setting new goals for myself.

Thankful for the support

I am very thankful for the help and support of the people close around me. Especially in the past year, which has been turmoiled both privately and professionally. Thoughts go out to my loving family, dear friends, former co-workers, my coaches, my hairdresser and many more who I regard part of my succesteam. These are the people that give applause, but that I can also consult for advise, inspiration or share feelings of doubt and insecurity.

Myth of self-sufficiency

Author and Supercoach, Michael Neill -who I regard part of my succesteam- shared a story about the myth on self-sufficiency. A women was taken to hell and found herself in a beautiful place with cauldrons filled with the most delicious food ever imagined. The inhabitants however were starving. Because the woman noticed that the people in hell had spoons and forks on the places where their fore-arms should be. And no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get the food in their mouths.

Help each other

Now the women was taken to heaven. And there she discovered herself once again in a beautiful place with dishes filled with amazing food. Also the people in heaven had spoons and forks on the place where their fore-arms should have been. But in contrary to hell, in heaven the people were smiling and enjoying the delicious food. Because they helped each other to eat.

You can’t do it alone

We can’t do it alone in this world. And luckily we don’t have to. We need to help (and feed) each other. Especially on a day like today – give thanks to the help and support from the people around you. That are perhaps more folks than you think. Who will you give thanks to? Share your comments below.

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