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I am writing this weeks blog on my vacation in Indonesia. I am currently visiting a dear friend and former colleague of mine, who now lives in Jakarta. After which I will be travelling across Java to Lombok and Bali. It is my first time being to Asia and in the tropics. This is going to be a wonderful experience. Travelling to new countries feed your mind. It gives you new insights into other cultures but also in yourself. What are your Holliday plans, Marketing Superhero? As written before, you gain great insight through taking a step back from your normal daily life. I want to share already some of them with you.

Taking it slow comes natural

In the previous weeks I have been blogging regularly on pacing yourself. On how you can take deliberate actions to take it slow. Here in the tropics this comes naturally, I feel. The moment I stepped out from the plane, I immediately slowed down in tempo. Running around feels insane here. Winding yourself up requires too much energy. Due to the heat, your body wants to take it nice and easy. And I must say, it feels wonderful. The Indonesian folks call this Tempo Doeloe.

Infinite days going fast

Time remains an interesting phenomenon. Days seem endless here — in the short time I’ve been here I have already saw some amazing things, met some wonderful people and had lovely long talks with my close friend. At the same time it goes really fast. Where today I deliberately woke up a little early to type this blog at sunrise. Being grateful for such a wonderful travelling experience.

Learning new ways to navigate

I noticed after a few days in Jakarta that I had seemed to have lost my sense of direction. Normally I am pretty sure whether I am going South or North. But now I couldn’t find my way. This city is quite chaotic, with over 21 million people traveling around. Only after a few days, I figured out that normally I rely on the position of the sun to know my way around. But in the tropics it just sits high up in the sky, so you can’t use it for directions. Luckily our driver knows his way around. It is good to be guided some times.


It is important to recharge your battery — and I am not only talking about your phone in order to take great pictures and listen your favourite playlist. Taking a break from your daily routine is beneficial, even if you do what you love. I hope you all have wonderful Holiday plans in the making.


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