Failing to plan is planning to fail

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Failing to plan is planning to fail With your goals written down and placed in sight — as visible reminder — it now comes down to the actual doing. Do you have a plan in place? Failing to plan is planning to fail. This quote has been attributed to Alan Lakein, […]

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Summer time — Brainstorm time

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Summer time — Brainstorm time For many Marketing Superheroes the summer period is the perfect season for making their marketingplans. Either for the rest of this year or already planning ahead for upcoming years. Especially in the summer time it is nice to brainstorm off site — together with your team […]

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Plan for inspiration

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Plan for inspiration Often people I meet say they are waiting for a spark of creativity. That they need to get inspired first, before they can actually start creating. I believe it works the other way around. Don’t wait for inspiration to magically appear. Actively plan for it to happen. This […]

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