Move from inspiration to action

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Move from inspiration to action Inspiration is important, but without action nothing much will happen in your business or in the rest of life. I am a huge believer we all need to ensure we get a regular dosis of inspiration — to help you generate new and fresh ideas, to […]

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Get Inspired

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Get Inspired Inspiration comes from the Latin word inspirare — which means  the ‘breathe’ or ‘blow into’ — and originates from divine beings literally thought to breathing new ideas into us mortals. And as we humans can’t survive without breathing, I also believe we need to ensure we get a sufficient […]

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Plan for inspiration

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Plan for inspiration Often people I meet say they are waiting for a spark of creativity. That they need to get inspired first, before they can actually start creating. I believe it works the other way around. Don’t wait for inspiration to magically appear. Actively plan for it to happen. This […]

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