From Strategic Planning to Strategic Doing

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From strategic planning to strategic doing

From Strategic Planning to Strategic Doing

The other day, I met with a fellow entrepreneur over coffee. He was in the middle of his strategic planning for growing his business over the next few years. He admitted to me he’s more a person who likes to elaborate on ideas. And making choices always feels a little scary. What if you’re throwing away a potentially great idea? I encouraged him to move from strategic planning to strategic doing.

Know your “why” and the “how” will follow

When you know your purpose — as Simon Sinek beautifully explains in his famous TED talk with the 3 golden circles — the road how to fulfil that purpose will unfold itself along the way. If you have clarity on your true mission as entrepreneur, your internal compass is set and this will help you navigate through all the opportunities that come along. Picking out the best for your personal situation or brand.

Planning can become a form of procrastination

Don’t get me wrong: planning is essential. Before you can create anything in the real world, you need to see it first in your mind. Planning helps you prepare. But be honest with yourself: are you procrastinating from doing the actual work? Because without action, nothing much will happen. A plan is just as good as it’s execution and done really is better than perfect!

You can come back on your decisions

Especially when you find it difficult to make choices, remember that — most often — your decisions are not carved in stone. You can always come back on them, once you’ve got better ideas or additional insights. This truth might feel liberating for people that have difficulty choosing. Our minds are masters at coming up with countless reasons why something won’t work. But when you get started, you’ll often find out that these obstacles often never arise.


When you want anything to happen in your life, you need to get moving. Nothing will change when you don’t. But sometimes you need a little help to get you going. I am setting up a Master Mind group, with Marketing Superheroes who are determined to make a change in this world. If you consider yourself to be one, please contact me!

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