Showing up is the only real step to take

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Showing up withMartijn


Showing up is the only real step to take

Last week, at the end of my yoga class, our teacher thanked the group for showing up. Stating that coming to class is the only real step you have to take. The rest is just going with the flow. I admit, I haven’t been attending my classes for a while – so my 90 minute practice was quite intense and challenging – but he did had a point. My biggest hurdle was actually showing up.

Just do it!

I have been experimenting with this principle in other parts of my life. Especially on the things I haven’t been particularly thorough in following through. Like for example writing this blog. For weeks I could come up with many reasons why I couldn’t do it – too busy, no inspiration, other more important things – but I know they are all just excuses.

Open a blank page and just start writing…

So I decided today to just “show up”, opened a black page and start writing. The topic was handed to me on a plate, or rather on my yoga mat. And like last week in class, I did feel a bit stiff and uncertain. But here I stick to the saying: done is better then perfect, and practicing does make you better.

Generate momentum

Building momentum takes (a little) effort, but once moving again it keeps you going. I am actually looking forward to my next yoga class this afternoon and also writing my next blog post. Picking up the pace. So which things are you postponing? Where do you need to just show up?

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