Share your story with the world

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Share your story withMartijn

Share your story with the world

Everybody got a story to tell. Go out and share yours with the world. Choose the means that fit closest to you and your brand. You’ll be surprised how you might touch and inspire others. Often in unexpected ways. When you receive that feedback it simply feels amazing. And encourages you to share more. Changing the world one story at a time!

You never know what resonates

The other day a former colleague of mine shared with me how I had inspired her to take a bold move. I wasn’t aware that I did at that time, I just shared with her my story on how I set out and started my own company. And that once you jump, trust that a net will appear. You never know what will resonate, so be sure to share more of your stories in order to find out. And once you know what sticks, start sharing more of that.

Help others reframe their story

When you hear people share a story that is not beneficial to them, help them to reframe it. This way you’ll help them to make more impact. I once suggested to a lady who stated she felt like she was sitting in the waiting room of life, she could also see it as sitting in a dressing room. In which she was preparing herself and getting ready for taking the stage. This empowered her to share her own story.

Choose the means that fit you best

Find the channels that suit you and your story best. Dare to experiment with different means: from the written word to speech and video. See which channel suits you best, but also where most of your audience is there to receive it. Of course you can use multiple channels to share your story with the world. Remain open for all the new platforms that are being developed as we speak.


I send weekly emails to keep a growing tribe of Marketing Superheroes up to date on my blogs. I also share my stories via Facebook and Twitter, where I post my Youtube videos. Which means do you use to share your message with the world?

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