Rise like a Phoenix

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Rise like a Phoenix

This week someone commented how I have transformed completely over the last year. I told him about my life make-over and how it came about. Almost like a Phoenix from the asses. So I decided to dedicate this blog to it. Whether you are facing a personal or a work related problem, with these steps you can rise back up again too.


Identify the situation you want to solve. Describe it as precisely as you can. What is it exactly that you want to change? Problem solving starts with defining the initial problem as clear as possible.

How did it arise?

Where did the initial problem come from? Learn from the past. Evaluate the process. Take these lessons with you in the future. Prevent on making the same mistake twice. But perhaps there are some elements you want to keep. Not every situation is all bad. Are there any advantages?


Brainstorm on your options. Seek new ways to tackle the problem. Also taking into account your lessons learnt. How can you approach your situation from another angle? Can you think transferrable and use a strategy from another industry or person? Think broad and BIG.


Examine your options. Choose the ones that resonate best. Try out some exciting new ones. Come up with your plan of action. What are the steps to take and in which order? What is the desired outcome?


You don’t need to do everything by yourself. Seek help. Talk to people: friends, colleagues, experts. Self-sufficiency is highly overrated: no successful person ever did it all alone. The benefits of networking are massive. Explaining your situation to others help you to get things more clear for yourself. You might get inspiration for new, exciting options or valuable feedback on what to do next. Often people will refer you to experts in their own network who can help you out.


Only by doing something about your problem, you can get results. Put your action plan to work. You need to build momentum. Focusing on small successes can help you get motivated to take more action. Done is better than perfect.


Keep your options open. Remain flexible to adapt your plans when better things come by. We can’t control everything in life. Some things just happen. So I advise you to take on a liquid approach to planning.

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