Reread your books

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Reread your books withMartijn

Reread your books

Many Marketing Superheroes love to read. Either books, online articles or blogs like this. Reading  feeds your mind and provides you with fresh ideas and inspiration. I often get suggestions from fellow heroes for new titles. I love to keep up with the latest thinking on marketing and personal development. But today I suggest reading something old. And see how you can apply this to the present.


Flip through old books

Pick up a book you have read in the past. Flip through it. See what you can remember. Look for those brilliant gems of knowledge that you have forgotten. By rereading a book — both a novel or non-fiction — you will trigger and thus train your memory. I often even can recall how I felt at the time when I first read a moving passage.


Underline key sentences

When I read — especially when reading non-fiction — I always keep a pen or pencil at hand. Get out of your comfort zone and write in book. Well the ones you legally own of course. I underline important passages. I even write down notes in the sideline. This is something I have used ever since university. It helps you absorb the information better in your brain. But it also allows for quick future reference. You can start as of today, to underline your library.


What was important then?

I always find it intriguing to see, which topics I have underlined in the past. Therefore, I make sure I put a date mark in the books I read. (And while you are at it, also write down your name. So when you lend someone your book, they know it belongs to you!) It will give you valuable insight in where you came from.


What is useful now?

Use the first Marketing Power of Thinking Transferable. By rereading old books, you can come up with tips and suggestions that help you in the present. It works a little like magic, but your subconscious often knows where to look. So intuitively pick up a book, flip a random page and start reading. I bet you will find the answer you are looking for.


Please let me know in the comments below, which book I are going to reread? What did you get out of it? And what are books worth reading by other Marketing Superheroes?

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