Remember to reboot

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Remember to reboot

Today I returned home after an amazing trip through Indonesia. Feeling completely energised and full of inspiration, I realised again that taking time off is so beneficial for both our body and our soul. We all need some time off to recharge our internal batteries, to unwind, to get new insights and inspiration. Travelling abroad is a wonderful experience. But you don’t necessarily need to go half way across the globe to reboot. Here are a few ways to help you remember.

Switch-off together with your phone

Your smartphone benefits from getting completely switched off regularly. It is recommended to do so at least once a week. So while you are at it, why not use this time to also allow yourself to reboot? After you switched off your phone, leave it off a little longer. We really don’t need to be connected 24/7. Enjoy the peace and quietness for an evening, a day, perhaps even a whole weekend without your phone. Or leave it at home when you go out with friends. Enjoy the moment.

Don’t be a slave to your wifi

We live in a wonderfully connected world. Especially when travelling alone, it is great to know you can easily send a message to friends or family back home. But I learned I really don’t want to become a slave to my wifi connection. Especially when you experience some great moments, you want to share them on social media. But is doesn’t always need to be real time. Just share it later on. These past weeks I have experienced that by postponing my social sharing — when I got to a place with proper wifi connection — it allowed me to be in the moment and enjoy the now. While still experiencing the joys of sharing later on.

Take time and space to think

Whether you are laying on a beach with coral shores sipping your fresh coconut water or sitting at home on the couch, take regular time to think. When your computer reboots, it needs a little time to read and load all the software. Holidays are a great time to reload our own programs. Evaluate what works and clearly see where we need alterations. And then make improvements upon return. To see the things we need to let go.


With the summer holidays coming up, I hope you are planning a great vacation Marketing Superhero. I can highly recommend visiting the wonderful islands of Indonesia. But also be sure to plan in some regular downtime during the remainder of the year. We all really need time to reboot!

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