Recharge your battery

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Recharge your battery withMartijn

Recharge your battery

When evaluating your life, in order to set your goals for next year, be sure to also assess your internal battery. As Einstein stated: everything is energy. Creating the life of your dreams basically comes down to doing more of the things that give your energy, while eliminating as much as possible those things that drain you.

Busy is okay, if it feels good

There is nothing wrong with being busy. When you are leading a full and exciting life, there are a lots of things that require your attention, like excelling in an inspiring job, deepening intimate relationships, efficiently running the household and further developing yourself both physically, mentally and spiritually. But do allow yourself some time to evaluate if it all still feels good.

Keep the best, ditch the rest

We tend to often stack new commitments and activities onto each other. Without deliberately choosing to discontinue others. You can do anything, just not everything. You need to make choices. Steering on what gives you energy can form a great compass in decision making. Especially with the Holiday season underway. I strongly believe you should do what you love.

Do you have an adapter?

Sure, we can’t always get our way to only do what we like. But by knowing where you get your energy from, you are in charge of your own internal battery. Be sure that you check and replenish your energy levels regularly. This way you become much more resilient and able to also face those challenges that life throughs at us.


Do you know what gives your energy? Which activities help you recharge your batteries. How can you do more of that, Marketing Superhero?

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