Read the Signs

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If you are waiting for a sign this is it!

Read the Signs

A true Marketing Superhero wants to be highly effective. Both in business and in his or her private life. They are looking for continuous ways for improvement. Become aware of the signs you will receive along your journey — either stating you are going in the right direction or going completely the wrong way. This way you can navigate through life more effortlessly. Making more impact.

Trust your guts

Learn to read the signs of your body. Trust your instincts. Follow your intuition. Your guts often tell you what you need to do. When you learn to interpretative these signs properly and act upon them in the right manner — you will become more effective. Just be aware what is happening inside. Take some time for checking in with yourself. A great time is just after you woke up and before going to sleep at night.

Ultimate Selfcare

Eat when you feel hungry. But know that often we misinterpret thirst for hunger. So better to rehydrate yourself first, when your stomach roars. If you feel tired — take a nap. Trust me, you will feel re-energised after 30 minutes of sleep so you can work more efficient. It is perhaps stretching your comfort zone a bit — especially when you are feeling overwhelmed and have tons of To Do’s— but every Marketing Superhero knows his powers come from within. You are your most precious asset. You need to take amazing care of yourself.

They start out subtle

The signs of our body start out very subtle. You often aren’t aware of them. Then you easily push them aside. Thinking and hoping that they will past. In my experience, however, they tend to become increasingly louder and thus more annoying. It is a sign to make changes. Either for planning your day differently, starting to live more healthy or perhaps even go see a medical expert. Getting early symptoms treated, can often prevent mayor difficulties in the long run. So if you were waiting for a sign — this is it!

We all have our Blindspots

You tend to overlook the obvious. Simply because it is that obvious. It’s great to have some people in your life which you trust enough to mirror this back to you. Have a friend or a coach help you deal with this. Often deep down inside we already know the answer. We just weren’t paying enough attention to our state of mind or body. These two work together.


Follow your inner compass and follow the signs along your journey. If you need me to hold up your mirror — feel free to contact me.

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