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Life’s continuous challenges urge you sometimes to set your priorities differently. Especially when family matters arise, it is important to choose with your heart. Getting back on track seems daunting. So here are some tips how you R.E.S.T.A.R.T.

Here is how…

There is really nothing wrong with recalibrating your goals, plans and ambitions. These changes are part of life, which is a continuous journey. Sometimes you need to stop all the busyness and rethink your strategy. Is what you are doing really what you want to do? Or is this “forced” upon you by your partner, family, friends, colleagues and/or society? Take some time to R.E.S.T.A.R.T. yourself!

R – rethink your goals

Look at your goals with your new mindset and insight. Are they still true for you in this time and space? Where do they need some refinement? Remember, sometimes dreams end up being just that: dreams. Which is perfectly fine! The benchmark in goal setting is always: does it get you excited, or are you trying to keep up with your peers?

E – evaluate the past

Don’t throw overboard the stuff that worked well in the past. What great things have you done that got your to this point? What can you learn from the things that didn’t go as you wanted? How can you do things differently in the future? Evaluate the process.

S – start today!

Don’t procrastinate. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Don’t wait for the perfect time to come. This won’t happen because there simply is no such thing as the perfect time. Remember that you can start your New Years resolutions at each given day on your calendar.

T – talk to people

Don’t keep this new direction to yourself. Talking to people really pays off. It can help to sharpen your own thinking to discuss your plans with a close friend or a professional coach. They can form as a sounding board for your ideas. But by saying your intentions out loud help to make them reality – this is the official translation of the magic spell Abracadabra – and you can also be held accountable.

A – action

The only way to get from A to B, from here to there, is by taking one step at a time. When your goals seem overwhelming, chop them up into manageable, bite-size pieces and simply get going. Remember: Done is better than perfect!

R – repeat

Repeat the step above, until you reach your goals. Massive action equals massive results. Taking action builds momentum, which helps you to move forward. It all comes down to being consistent.

T – treat yourself

Motivate yourself by rewarding yourself. Not only when the end goal is achieved, but also when intermediate milestones are reached. Do stuff you love, something you really look forward to. This helps to keep you motivated and focused.


And if all things fail, you can always R.E.S.T.A.R.T. again!

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