Pulling the grass

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Pulling the grass

One of my favourite notions is that grass doesn’t grow faster by pulling it. In fact, if you keep checking whether roots are growing — by lifting the plants out of the soil — they most certainly die. The same is true for ideas, new plans or even romantic love affairs for that matter. They take time to blossom, literally. But the waiting part is hard, I know. You need to have patience. So here are three ways to deal with this natural and essential phase in any creative process.

Don’t trample on the seeds

Every farmer knows that after your sow, it takes a while until anything seems to happen. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. You need to simply take a step back and let nature take it’s course. For example when you have shared your ideas and plans, allow for the others to process. To think about them a little longer. Remember to pace yourself! Don’t go trampling onto your seeds. Allow for them to germinate and ripen. So you can pick the fruits from your labour later.

Go plant somewhere else

This doesn’t mean you have to do nothing. Doing nothing makes waiting truly a period of frustration. Instead focus your energy and attention to other projects or goals in life. Find the right balance. You can have multiple seedbeds, in different stages of their development. It’s the same with for example product launches. Some projects are in market ready phase, while others are mere ideas that need their feasibility checked. It is wise to have a portfolio of projects at hand in various stages of their development.

Do water all your fields

But don’t forget to pay attention to all your running projects. Don’t be tempted to only focus on one or two. All your endeavours and (personal) relationships need regular attention. Don’t literally drown certain projects, while you let others dry out from any attention. Again it comes down to finding the right balance. But in the end that forms a nice activity that prevents you from pulling that grass.


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