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Plan for inspiration withMartijnPlan for inspiration

Often people I meet say they are waiting for a spark of creativity. That they need to get inspired first, before they can actually start creating. I believe it works the other way around. Don’t wait for inspiration to magically appear. Actively plan for it to happen. This requires some self discipline, but when you take the following advice to heart this will go much easier.

Do your home work

Inspiration doesn’t happen by accident. At least not a constant, abundant stream of creative mana. You need to do your homework. As mentioned before: preparation always pays off. Plan your creative proces to the best of your abilities. Get your facts straight. Set aside a time slot in your agenda to work without any distractions. And most importantly: know yourself. If you are an evening person, don’t torture yourself writing that important letter or creating that compelling proposal first thing in the morning. Be compassionate towards yourself, but also be strict!

Stick to a format

Templates work. Especially if you are following one which has proven to be successful. Don’t bother reinventing the wheel. Once something works – stick to it. Checklist can do wonders for providing inspiration. Especially on repetitive tasks. But also a killer presentation follows a standard format. Drawing the outline first — following a logical structure — helps you create those slides much more easily.

Trust the proces

Just start. Once you get into it, the creative juices start flowing. Trust the process. Remember: done is better than perfect. Trust yourself and your own creative abilities. Our brains want to resolve any challenge we present it with. Treat it as a game. However this is not something you do as a once-off. You need regular repetition. See this as a form of brain training. Also our thinking muscles need a work-out.


So, what do you do to plan your inspiration? Let me know in the comments below!

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Drs says:

18 September 2015 at 07:37

This is a great series of video’s Trevor. It rlelay helps to get some clarity around what inspiration actually is and where is comes from, because for many of us, it can feel very intangible and outside of our control.I found your video’s helped me to identify the times when I feel most inspired which will enable me to actively seek out ways to be inspired in the future.I can see that coming back to these video’s periodically will also be useful because I am sure that new sources of inspiration appear to us all the time and it is probably wise to pause and remind ourselves just how powerful recognising those event and situations can be.Thanks Trevor!

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