Pace yourself (part2)

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Pace yourself (part2)

When we get passionate about something, we tend to get carried away a little. Enthusiasm can be contagious. I believe it is one of the best feelings in the world — inspiring others and see their enthusiasm grow. But this also requires proper levels of dosage. Like discussed in the first part of this blog post, you really need to pace yourself. In order to bring your audience along with you. Like when driving a car, you need to shift gears to accelerate smoothly and comfortably.

Shift gears and continuously adjust

Pacing yourself comes down to knowing in which gear you drive. This applies to your energy and enthusiasm levels. But this metaphor goes even further. A true Marketing Superhero has a broad set of skills. And he or she knows which one to choose. To ensure a successful outcome of any situation. I believe we humans are wired in such a way that our default setting feels most natural. But sometimes your normal response won’t get you the results you desire. It’s like you are driving through life in first gear only.

Develop and apply different skills

As a leader you want to influence people. To motivate them to choose a certain path or follow your vision. (I am not talking about manipulation here!) To effectually influence people you need to shift gears between strategies that come from either a push or a pull energy. Expressing your views and opinions, backed up by facts is an example of push energy. Clearly stating what you desire is too. These are assertive actions that help you drive your own agenda. Pull behaviours are more responsive. They require you to adapt and actively listen to others. To build common grounds together. In a sense it is more driven by the other person’s agenda.

Practice — Practice — Practice

A true Marketing Superhero masters these influencing skills and can easily shift from pull to push behaviours. He is a smooth driver. Which is both pleasant for himself and for the people he wants to bring along for the ride. But just like learning to drive a car, this takes time. So deliberately practice new skills. Trust me, they will feel more natural for you after a while. Deliberately go out for a test drive today. Discover what a different approach could deliver. Remember that doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results was Einsteins’ definition of insanity.


Which new skill will you practice today, Marketing Superhero?

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