Pace yourself (part1)

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Pace yourself withMartijn

Pace yourself (part1)

A true Marketing Superhero knows how to cast the magic spell of Focus Pocus. By applying the 80/20 rule or Pareto principle he focusses his time and attention. To ensure to only be working on  the things which have the biggest impact. The same goes for managing your energy levels.

Bring people along with you

Being a very enthusiastic person, my challenge lies often in finding the right level of energy. I can get easily carried away a little. Especially when I get excited about something cool. But I know from experience that you literally leave people behind when you are running ahead. You need to bring people along with you. Or you will end up standing alone by yourself.

Accelerating and breaking is done with the same foot

This is a great metaphor which helped me work this out. The foot you put on the gas pedal is actually the same foot you use on the break. Cars have been engineered this way. And in a way we humans are too. You need to pace yourself. You need to slow down at times to manoeuvre through the corners of life. So you can accelerate again on the parts that go straight ahead. Even Formula 1 drivers need to break strategically in order to win the race.

Deliver a smooth ride

By becoming a master in dosing your energy, you become much more impactful as a leader. And by leader I don’t necessarily mean the big boss or CEO. A Marketing Superhero leads the way in his (or her) field of expertise. Whether that is in business or in other parts of life. He knows when it is time to accelerate and when it is time to step on the break. Ensuring a smooth ride. Which is much more pleasant for both yourself and the people around you. If you ever witnessed being a passenger of a reckless driver you will understand my point.

What are your strategies?

This blog will have a second part. But first I want to ask you for your thoughts and feedback. I am curious to know. What do you do to ensure a smooth ride, Marketing Superhero? I believe we can all learn from each others experience. I would love to learn your tips and tricks. So please take a minute to leave my comment in the box below.


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What my crutches taught me | withMartijn | Creative Consultancy says:

26 August 2015 at 20:29

[…] around on crutches these past few days. And literally limping through life. I apparently needed to pace myself. And although I don’t want to seek too much behind it, this course of events has also provided me […]

Dalia says:

18 September 2015 at 07:26

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