Not everybody will get you

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Not everybody will get youNot everybody will get you

We are all coming from different places and thus have different perspectives on life. So be it an open-door, this is something we need to remind ourselves of regularly. Every receiver interpret  the same message differently. And this is something any sender should keep in the back of his or her mind. Not everybody hears the same message. Not everybody “gets” you.

Multiple universes

We all live in our own universe. Interpreting the world around us via our senses. And because we all have different bodies, our senses differ. Making your reality a different version than my reality. Taking also into account that we all have different backgrounds, values and beliefs results in the fact that we all have different views on the world.

Embrace these differences…

Don’t get me wrong. This is a splendid and marvellous thing. Making it even more interesting to interact with different people. Everybody has a story to share. I love getting inspired and learn new things. At the same time you do need to stay aware that our stories are received differently in your audience. Where you might resonate fully with one person, somebody else can completely miss your point.

…which might be scary!

Especially if you set out to send a message into the world, this can be a scary thing. Will your word be picked up the way you intended to? That is a question I am asking myself these days. Being in the process of having my book manuscript reviewed. Especially when as a writer you primarily rely on text. I believe it comes down to being honest and sincere in the message you bring. And to keep in mind that not everybody is open for picking it up. That not everybody will get you. And accepting that this is also okay.


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