Mind your Language!

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Mind your language withMartijn

Mind your language!

Your parents were right when they taught you to pay attention to your language. The words you use in your daily conversations affect your life — to the negative or the positive. This is especially true for the words you use to communicate with yourself. Today I want to share with you a change in my vocabulary, which I made a few years ago. A practical tip that will liberate you immediately.

Replace “I must do…”

When you need to do something it already feels like an obligation. It feels like a burden when you should do this or that. The muscles in your body tighten, especially since we often need to do so much. Not to mention according to our own high standards. To free yourself, you basically only need to do just one thing in your life. And that is skip this word completely from your vocabulary.

…with “I want”

Instead use variations of the verb wanting or deciding. It gives you directly a sense of control. It is your choice. In the end you always have the power to decide. You can not always influence what happens to you, but you always have a choice how you react. It empowers you instantly. And transform you from a victim into a true Marketing Superhero.

Feel liberated!

Knowing that you always have a choice feels immensely liberating. It makes you again the captain of your own life. It magically removes you from the burden and stress of all your obligations. Just by changing the words you use to describe them. Try it!  Don’t you agree that “I choose to go to the gym” feels much more relaxing than “I must work-out”?

Know the consequences

Of course there are consequences to every decision you make. You don’t need to go to work. But I can assure you there will be consequences if you decide to suddenly quit turning up at the office. At the same time you can question yourself if you should work over the weekend. And if you do — make sure it is a deliberate choice. You will feel much better about it.


Words work like magic. The translation of the spell Abacadrabra is “I create as I speak”. Especially when you are feeling overwhelmed, pay extra attention to your vocabulary.

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