Marketing is a People-thing

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Marketing is a People-thing withMartijn

Marketing is a People-thing

For many people, marketing is a bit of a dirty word. They think it’ s all about commercialism and manipulation. Associating it with pushy sales messages —buy NOW!!!— often through annoying advertising. Something mastered by huge corporations. Leaving innocent consumers as helpless victims. But —whether you like it or not— I believe everything in the world is about marketing.

The world revolves around marketing

The way you present yourself is also a form of marketing. Your style of clothing, the pitch of your voice, your hairdo. All of your actions will leave an impression —either positive, negative or neutral. What you say about your work —or what you don’t say about it— is also a form of marketing. Your’e telling the story about yourself, your product, brand or service. Marketing is all about storytelling, because people love stories.

Marketing revolves around people

And in essence marketing is all about people. All with their own views on this world. All with their own needs. As a marketer or business owner, you need to understand your clients to the best of your abilities. That comes down to listening to them and showing a genuine interest. By putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, you’re better able to cater to their needs. Thus improving the lives of the people you serve.

The world needs more Marketing Superheroes

Mt definition of a hero is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. I believe the world can use more heroes. And since the whole world revolves about marketing, we could do with a few more Marketing Superheroes: ordinary persons, doing extraordinary marketing! Also remember that marketers and business owners are people too. So marketing really is a people-thing!


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