Liquid Planning

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Liquid Planning withMartijn

Liquid Planning

Liquid Planning is term I came up with, that describes the approach I used in setting op my own business. I must say, it is really paying off! So I gladly share this approach with you. It is best described with the famous Nike slogan: Just do it! In which you basically “just” start and see how things evolve over time, making the necessary adjustments along the way.

Speak to Prospects

When I started setting up my business, I did not hide away in my study, spending weeks drafting a business plan behind my computer. Instead I went out and spoke to some valued peers, mentors and potential clients. Telling them my initial ideas, getting their feedback and most importantly listen to their needs and wishes. I am still very grateful for all of the wonderful advice and tips I got.

Killer Question to ask

One of the best questions to ask any business owner is: what would you have done differently in retrospect? What were your most important lessons you learned when starting out? Most business owners are happy to share their insights with you, so you can learn from their approach. Transferring their lessons to your own playing field.

Not Cast in Stone

Since my plans were by no means cast in stone, I kept my mind open for different view points, alterations and optimisations. I have completely revised my plan a few times. All for the better. And they are still evolving. In other words: they remain liquid.

More Time for Doing

Does this mean that there is no value in making plans? On the contrary! But I do believe that most organisations spend too much time in making, discussing and then revising plans – often multiple times. Instead of the actual “doing” of these plans. A plan is only as good as it’s execution. So I advise you to “plan” more time for the doing, invest more in trial and error. Measure the results and adjust your approach along the way.


As Winston Churchill said: “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”

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