See life as a dance

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See life as a dance withMartijn

See life like a dance

Life is in many ways like a dance. You need to keep moving, in order to make it interesting — for yourself, your dance-partner(s) and the people in the audience. By sitting around waiting, you will never achieve those goals you’ve set out for yourself. Done always trumps perfect. Because perfection is an unattainable goal, making it such an easy excuse for hiding-out. So put on some music, start dancing… and be sure to have fun!

Don’t wait around to be picked

Nobody ever said it is wrong to dance on your own. When the music is groovy and you totally feel like it, you don’t need permission from anybody else. Never feel obliged to keep sitting still —waiting to be picked— while you want to start moving. Who know’s, you might even inspire others and start a movement. (As wonderfully explained in this cool TED movie!)

Preparation is key!

Learn the steps, and warm yourself up before your routine. Never under estimate the value of being prepared. This always puts you several steps ahead of so many others who fail to do so. It places you in a much better position to get what you’re after, because it raises your levels of confidence. And prevents you from stepping onto other peoples toes. By crafting your plans, you naturally come up with future scenario’s and will evaluate the potential risks you’re facing. What’s the absolute worst that can happen? How plausible it that?

Remain flexible

Face it! You can’t control life. So while planning is important, you need to remain flexible to what happens with your plans. I like to use the metaphor of life being a modern ballet. Where the dance floor is moving, while you also need to keep paying attention to the choreography your dancing partners all moving to very different rhythms. Yes! A challenge, but once you know your own beat you are much better equipped to move gracefully around.

My definition of discipline

Doing this work requires discipline. For me that means doing the things that you’ve set out to do, even when you don’t feel like doing them in that moment.

Very often we know what it is that we want to achieve. And we can picture the steps needed to get there. But because it requires work and determination, we sometimes don’t feel like doing it. Then it’s great that you can get support from others.

Get your succesteam in place

As described in my previous post, it is important to create an inspiring and supportive environment. A Master Mind group is the perfect vehicle for setting this up. It is my goal set up such a group of creative thinkers. To support living my mission: inspiring others into action. If you would like my support in helping you achieve your own goals and start dancing through life, do send me a message! Don’t you agree it is way more fun dancing with a group than alone?

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