Let it go

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Let it go withMartijn


Let it go

I am writing this blog on the plane travelling from Amsterdam to New York. I decided I wanted to spend the last few weeks of this year in the Big Apple. Year’s end is a natural time for evaluation. For me 2014 has been a turmoiled year, both professionally and personally. And I admit that I am looking forward towards a fresh start on January 1st. But flying above the clouds, I am also grateful for the wonderful experiences I have had this year and the amazing people that are in my life.

More insight

It’s funny how some distance makes everything seems small, is what Queen Elsa sings in Disney’s Frozen. In de Dutch translation of this great song Elsa sings: It’s funny how some distance gives you so much more insight. I very much believe this to be true. At times you need to take a step back to see the bigger picture. That is exactly the objective of my trip. Flying above the clouds is a great time to start putting things in perspective.


I am not only leaving behind the Dutch winds and rains, but also some amazing people in Holland who have supported me these past 12 months. Old friendships getting stronger and new ones have been formed. I will miss you guys during the Xmas period, but don’t worry: I will back before 2015 kicks in. Thank you all for the heartwarming messages upon departure.

Never forget

I have come a long way, I have learned so much and have become much much stronger. I am doing things which I couldn’t have imagined doing one year ago. In a way I feel blessed. Some things in life are simply out of your control. And although you wished otherwise, can’t be changed. But I believe you do have a choice how you deal with them. I believe in letting things go – deciding to no longer have them affect you. Does that mean I will forget? Never! But why have your history block your future path. You can decide how your life story unfolds, writing new chapters.


That is exactly what I decided to do, but now it is time for my inflight meal – beef or pasta*?




* I decided to go for the pasta!

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