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Label yourself withMartijnLabel yourself

We walk around all day subconsciously labeling everything and everybody. This is a natural process of the brain categorising the physical into our mental world. Many people aren’t aware of this phenomenon. But once you do, you can even use this to your own advantage. Sending out deliberate massages to the people you interact with. Label yourself, positively and intentionally.

Stamp yourself on the forehead

This way you can get perceived they way you want to. Whether you want to come across as patient, trustworthy or remarkable. Give yourself a virtual stamp on the forehead. And visualise the message you want people to pick up. This tip was given to me by a close friend and fellow entrepreneur. I have been testing it out and can say it does actually work.

Working the subconscious

Everything is energy. So by intentionally focussing on how you want to come across, this is being picked up by the people around you. On a subconscious level. So use this tip wisely and with integrity. Just stick that message on your forehead — although not literally of course. Make sure it is positive, comprehensive and not loo long…

Where intention goes, energy flows!

This can be something you can do at the beginning of your day. On your way to the office. In the train or in the car. Or you can deliberately use this for running an important meeting or workshop. See it as part of setting the scene. And as you know preparation always pays off.


So what would you place on your forehead? How would you label yourself, Marketing Superhero?

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judith says:

17 September 2015 at 09:11

Leuk Martijn. Erg herkenbaar! Ben je al weer wat mobieler trouwens (las je aug post net ;-)) Beterschap!

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