In marketing it is not about you

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its-not-about-youIn marketing it is not about you

Marketing is not about you. It never was and it never will be. In marketing it is all about your customer. It always was and always will be. The only way to become really successful as a marketer or business owner is to put your consumer at the center of all that you do. So have your ego step aside and put the spotlight on your clients. They are the true stars!

First earn the right

Of course you are in business to make money. Otherwise you are simply doing a hobby. In order to sell something, you first need to earn the right to do so. Demonstrate why you — or your brand or company — are qualified. This could be your past credentials or the reviews of happy customers. But don’t dwell in the past too much. It’s in the here and now that you need to deliver.

Focus on value creating

Marketing is about delivering as much value as you can possibly can. Solving relevant problems for your target audience. By putting yourself in the shoes of your clients, you can better identify their needs and come up with helpful solutions. Whether you wish to develop a new product or service, or deliver a piece of valuable content that can help your clients become more effective. It really is all about them and their needs.

Follow your purpose

Make sure you know your own purpose. Have clarity on why you do what you set out to do. Let this be the compass which guides you. Ideally all the things you set out to do contribute to your higher vision and master plan. This also helps to put things in perspective, and gives you motivation to continue when things get tough.


I defined my purpose as inspire for action. Because I believe too many people are waiting around. Instead of making plans, I believe true results come from doing these plans. Do let me know where I can help you with. Leave a comment below or contact me.


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