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Build your ideal calendar withMartijnBuild your ideal calendar

Hopefully, you’ve been spending some time these days to imagine how your perfect day would look like. If this isn’t the case, please mark down this creative free writing exercise on your calendar first. Have you noticed how relatively easy it is to incorporate many of your perfect day elements into your daily life? It might requires some planning, but in most cases you can include quite some treats into your week.

Plan your agenda

The next step is creating your ideal calendar. In order to set yourself up for making 2017 your best year yet, you need to start stacking up all these perfect days to build your amazing life. Download and print this worksheet and give it some thought on how you would like your agenda to look like —in the most ideal scenario— day by day.

Make deliberate choices

Again specify your ideal time for waking up and going to bed each night. Plan social time with your partner, family and/or friends. Also plan in some me-time. Remember you are your own biggest assets, so you need to take care of your goose. How much time do you wish to spend on work? Life reflects the choices you make. So ensure you make them deliberately.

From dreams to reality

A goal is a dream with a deadline. So it’s good to allow some room for dreaming. Craft a calendar that would fulfil all your desires —including financial goals and career ambitions. Once you’re happy, check how far you are from your current reality. What needs to change? And which buttons can you push, in order to achieve your goals?

Market yourself

In my ideal agenda, I wish to facilitate one creative brainstorm session per week —creatively supporting a team of marketing superheros in crafting stronger plans to serve their consumers by coming up with new ideas for product innovations or marketing campaigns. In order to achieve this, I’ve deliberately set aside time to (continue to) market myself —so potential clients are aware of my offering and skills. And that is exactly what I encourage you to do too.

Do it with persistence

In order to bring your ideal agenda to life, you need to actively start to market yourself. Whether you run your own business or work for a company. People need to be made aware what you desire and what value you can offer. That way you can make your dream reality. It always comes down to persistent activity, instead of once-off shots. So mark your calendar and stick to those appointments with yourself.


Do let me know if I can support you and your team with your business planning or marketing strategies. My Creative Space will be open soon. I’m looking forward in welcoming you for an inspirational session!

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