How to set your 2016 goals

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review 2015 withMartijnHow to set your 2016 goals

With the New Year on it’s way in two weeks time, be sure to plan some time this Holiday period for putting your goals in writing. The end of year forms a great and natural time for reflection. Looking back on what you have accomplished. Follow these steps for setting your 2016 goals successfully.

First look back on 2015

What are your biggest accomplishments this year? Where are you most proud of? Look back in your diary or journal and relive these moments again. What can you learn from them? What would you like to do differently next time? What was the best advice you received in 2015? Who is the person that had the biggest impact on your life this year? Did you celebrate your successes? If not, why not do this now!

Assess the key areas in your life

Determine the most important areas in your life, like your health, relationships, work, home and finances. Evaluate how happy you currently are in each of these areas. Simply give each aspect a score from 1 to 10. Define what is needed to get a higher grade. Can you already do something about this before 2016 starts? This will fuel your momentum to keep going.

Craft your goals

Perhaps you can already formulate a clear goal, for the various elements of your life. Be sure to make them SMARTER. If you feel stuck, or need more inspiration, brainstorm on the following 3 questions. What do I want to have? (There is nothing wrong with setting some materialistic goals, like buying a new home or getting that sports car you have always dreamed of.) What do I want to do? And finally, who or what do I want to be? First make a longlist, before you start selecting your objectives for 2016.

Know your why and next steps

Define an exciting goal in each area of your life. Something that you really want to achieve. Make sure you also know why this is the case. If you are clear on the reasons for setting each goal, it is much easier to keep you motivated to go after it. Finally determine for each of your goals the next step you need to take. What is the logical next action step? Be sure to do these actions too!


By having your goals written down, your chances of achieving them highly increase. Especially when you place them in sight, so you can regularly see them. Define your actions and make 2016 your best year yet!

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