How to keep your mind open

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Open mind withMartijnHow to keep your mind open

Open-mindedness is an important trait for any marketer or business owner. Without ensuring you keep an open mind, you’ll miss-out on some of life’s best opportunities, both in business or in the personal realm. Here are three ways to prevent you from operating too narrow-mindedly — but by no means let yourself be limited here!

Postpone judgement deliberately

Keeping an open mind requires you to temporarily pause your logical left brain. The part that forms almost instant judgements, evaluating situations and outcomes based on your preset expectations. We all have our own mental picture of how things are supposed to be. But sometimes the most amazing things arise when we let go of our expectations of the future and let things “just” happen.

There are so many colours in the world

Skip black or white thinking, there really are far more colours in this world. Everybody has different views on what they believe to be true. Allow the other person’s viewpoint to seep in. Ask them open-ended questions, so you don’t already fill-in the answers you hope they’ll give you. What can you learn from them? How can this enrich your own story and expand your world?

Look for the opposite to be true too

When you have difficulty in seeing beyond your own version of the truth, do the following experiment. Actively seek evidence that the opposite of what you believe can also be true. Life really is full of paradoxes. Things happen — it’s our own mind that gives it all meaning. And remember: whatever happens to you, I strongly believe you always have a choice!


So be sure to keep your mind open. This is something you can actively train. Look for new opportunities, they are all around you. Make new connections — whether it is by linking information or with people you meet. I am happy to support you and your team on this. Do let me know!

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