How to Create a Content Strategy

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How to Create a Content Strategy

When it comes down to developing your content strategy, it is key to think like a publisher. Especially when you are advertising your brand, product or service. What does that mean exactly? What makes a piece of content great? And — in this era of social media — what makes a piece of content great for sharing?


Content is king

Whether it is your blog post, a tweet, a video on Youtube or an infographic about your service, a great piece of content offers value to it’s audience. Content is king is often proclaimed — also referring to search engine optimisation — but not all rulers are perceived equal. Here are three ways to create (or curate) content that people love, and also love to share!


It’s informative — really informative!

The first route is providing high quality information. About the topics your audience is interested in. Which inspires them or help answering their questions. With my blog I want to inspire my readers on new, creative ways to think about their marketing approach. (Let me know in the comments below if you find my blog informative)


It’s useful — really useful!

The second approach is giving handy tips and suggestions. For example by sharing recipes or step by step instructional videos. By resolving a problem for your audience, you create value. And this is very useful in your content strategy. In my book “How to Become a Marketing Superhero”, I provide practical tips for unleashing your marketing powers. Sign-up to my mailinglist to receive a free excerpt here >>


It’s funny — really funny!

The third pillar is using the power of humor. Entertaining people and making them laugh can be an importent cornerstone of your content calendar. But remember: only the really funny videos or pictures get shared. Because the shared content also reflects back to the person sharing it. People don’t want to send lame videos around.


1+1+1: <3

Put all three elements together and you get content that people not only love. But also love to share with their friends and network. Then your content travels, potentially even goes viral. So to put the wheels in motion, why not share this article — by selecting one of the social sharing buttons below — if you thought it was informative, useful and/or funny!

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