How to brainstorm alone

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How to brainstorm alone

How to brainstorm alone

You don’t always need to set up a group brainstorm. Especially when you are working on more personal challenges, it is sometimes best to just work on it alone. Still the basic principles for brainstorming apply. You need to allow yourself to dream away by postponing judgement. Here are some tips on brainstorming by yourself.

Bring your notebook

Always carry around a note book. This way you can write down ideas as they pop-up. Journaling also helps to stimulate your creativity. Especially when you use pen and paper. Review past notes and ideas. See how you can improve them a bit more more. Do some free writing and see what new insights come up.

Write with your other hand

This is bit more challenging, because you need to think a bit harder. And you might worry that you can’t read it afterwards. But trust the process. By using your other, non-natural hand to write, you tickle other parts of your brain. You will be surprised what new ideas pop-up. Remember, it is the thinking process which counts. When you get some great ideas, don’t forget to capture them legible afterwards

Think visually

Our creative right part of our brain loves to think in images. So start to draw. It doesn’t matter how it looks. This is just for you to see. Or cut out inspiring images from magazines. I always love to make vision boards for myself, to picture my future life. It allows me to better focus on the areas in my life that need a little extra attention.

Plan your next steps

If it’s not on your calendar, it is never going to happen. Plan your next actions. What do you need to do to get ahead? You don’t have the see the whole staircase to take the first step. We sometimes have the tendency to over plan our endeavours. Try a bit of liquid planning — go with the flow, but remain true to your inner compass.


I hope you will take a little as five minutes of time to start brainstorming on solutions to your creative challenges, whether they are work related or more personal.



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