How to become more Consumer Centric

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Consumer Centricity withMartijn

How to become more Consumer Centric?

Marketing is all about deeply understanding what your consumer wants. One of the ways in becoming a true Marketing Superhero, is that you put your consumer at the heart of all that you do. This is also applicable in business to business marketing. I believe that all marketing is people marketing. But how you do you get a better customer understanding? How do you become more Consumer Centric? Here are five ways to start.


1. Connect online

Whether you have a online business or sell products in the offline world, your consumer is online. So you can connect with them – via chat, on forums or by writing them an email – all from behind your computer screen. If you ask nicely, you will get some pretty valuable feedback. Ask the fans on your Facebook page what they are up to.


2. Meet them IRL

Go out an meet your consumers. They live in the same world as you do. Whether on the street, in the bus or in the store. Just start a conversation. It might feel a little strange at first. But get out of your comfort zone and talk to them. Do ask open ended questions. So instead answering with only yes or no, they will explain you more. Ask them what is going on in their lives. You will gain valuable insights how to serve them better. Don’t forget to take pictures!


3. Put yourself in their shoes

Do a little role playing. Pretend that you are your target consumer. Spend an evening watching the same TV shows or read the magazines they like. Visit their favourite stores, websites or festivals. You will be amazed what you will discover by deliberately putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. Collect you observations and discuss this with your colleagues the day after.


4. Write a persona

A persona is an description of a typical user. Use your observations you have collected previously. Make your persona as visual and lifelike as you possibly can. Give him or her a name. What is their age? Their family situation? How do they live? This archetype gives you a clear image of your bulls eye target. Hang them on your wall to get a constant visual reminder who you service.


5. Work with experts

To really get to a deep consumer understanding, I strongly advise you to work with market research experts. Depending on your need — you either can get consumer insights via qualitative research or validate your hypothesis though quantitative research. Either way, a true Marketing Superhero stays in close contact with their market researcher. From briefing to insight delivery — so they get the most out of this investment.


What are other ways, tools and techniques to enhance Consumer Centricity? Do share them with other Marketing Superheroes in the comment section below.

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