Holidays are coming!

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Holidays are coming withMartijnHolidays are coming!

The days are getting shorter. The weather is getting colder. You can feel we are getting close to the most wonderful time of the year. Let’s face it: in 8 weeks time it’s already 2017! Meaning you’ve got just 6 weeks left in business this year — if you don’t take a break for the Holidays. Are you ready to end this year with a bang?

Goals assessment

Before all the fa-la-la-la-la’s start, be sure to evaluate if you’re on track with your 2016 goals. If not? Rest assured you still have time to take corrective actions. Don’t give up on your goals too fast! Find creative ways to resolve those bottlenecks. Either by yourself of with the help of others. By focussing your efforts, you can achieve much more than you think.

Regular action leads to results

Wishing is nice, especially when it’s a Merry X-mas. But your dreams can only come true when you take the required actions. You have to put in the work. Achieving your goals, and building the life you desire, is a marathon not a sprint. It comes down to taking regular and consistent action. Time is your most precious resource. Use it wisely, especially with the festive season getting close. (Reed this post from strategic planning to strategic doing.)

Set your priorities straight!

I really love to deck the halls with boughs of holly. But knowing it’s the season to be jolly, I make sure I plan ahead. December is always a busy month, with a fun-packed social agenda. So I schedule my time wisely, making preparations upfront. Both in business and in my private life, like buying presents upfront.


Have you already given the Holidays some thought? Over the next weeks, I’ll share with you the steps I’m taking to make 2017 even better than the years before. I will give you a peek into my goal setting process and inspire you to do the same — to help you build the life of your dreams. See it as my X-mas present to you!

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