Grab the oppotunity…

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Grab the oppotunity

Grab the oppotunity…

Today I want to take the oppotunity to share with you a wonderful insight. I believe it is something that can change your life. But let’s fist do a little test. Have you noticed something while reading this post? Did you spot the missing letter “r” and perhaps even got a little upset regarding my spelling? Or were you eager to read on and curious to see what this post could bring to you? This can teach you a great deal in how you approach everything in life.

There are two world views

There are two world views. Either you focus on what is. Or you focus on what is lacking. Let me make one thing clear, I am not making a plea for bad spelling here. I am sharing with you this illustrative example to help you determine where your initial focus is. And rest assured if it is the second one, we all have been trained to spot what is missing. Our whole education system is based on learning not to make mistakes. (And on learning to spell properly hopefully). However, this way you might be missing out on some great opportunities.

They come unannounced

Because opportunities simply pop-up, unannounced. And they often don’t have a sign saying “I am a great opportunity”. By the way the ones that are labeled as such often turn out to be not that good. Spotting the right ones forms an interesting challenge. Know it is a skill you can develop. Like you can train your muscles. Look for what is being presented to you and see the possibilities. Say “yes, and…” in stead of “yes, but…”

They have an expiry date

By nature opportunities come with a time window. They are only available for a certain amount of time. Some are gone in an instant, while others linger a little longer. But in the end every opportunity has an expiry date. Sometimes this is communicated clearly, but quite often you only know in hindsight that you missed a great chance. In retrospect opportunities are very easy to point out. The challenge lies in grabbing them in the now.

There are always more

But rest assured. Know that when you miss one chance, there will always come another one. Another time. To quote Sir Richard Branson on this: “Opportunities are like buses. If you miss one, sure another will come.” Although it sometimes takes some time and most often more hard work, in the end it is always worth it.


Please do leave a remark or question in the comment box below. What is your strategy in finding new oppotunities? Or are you focussing on what is missing? I am curious to hear from you!


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