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Caras IonutGet Inspired

Inspiration comes from the Latin word inspirare — which means  the ‘breathe’ or ‘blow into’ — and originates from divine beings literally thought to breathing new ideas into us mortals. And as we humans can’t survive without breathing, I also believe we need to ensure we get a sufficient and regular dosis of inspiration. To help you come up with new plans, ideas or strategies.

Don’t leave it all to faith

The concept of getting inspired seems like a passive activity. Like something that just happens to you. As a new idea pops-up in your mind. Although this does occur — often on those moments when our minds are preoccupied with something else, like in the shower — I believe you can fuel this by actively going out and find new sources of inspiration. You actually can plan for inspiration.

Know thyself, Marketing Superhero

Just like you should know where you get your energy from, it is wise to have the same notion when it comes down to getting inspired. This is again partly personal. Some get their inspiration from books, others from art, watching cool TED talks or talking to other people. The key principle remains thinking transferable, the first marketing superpower. I highly recommend interacting with other people, especially outside your own field of expertise. To ensure you get new viewpoints and opinions.

The more you share, the more you get

The great thing about sharing ideas is that it can only make them richer. You get valuable feedback and — by telling it out loud — you can sharpen your own ideas further. It is a win-win situation. Never be scared to share your thoughts. Nobody can steal them away from you. (Of course you do need to be considerate who you share them with in the first place.)


If you want to bounce some ideas on me, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to help!


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Danii says:

9 September 2015 at 12:02

Love the concept of actively seeking out inspiration. Sharing ideas is really important too, and finding the right person to share them with is definitely important.

withMartijn says:

16 September 2015 at 21:13

So true Danii – sharing is caring!

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