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Get Feedback

In business feedback is priceless. You can’t do it all on your own. In improving your marketing, product or service, you need to get feedback. How do you get this? By simply asking for it! Let customers give their opinions, for example by leaving a review or rating on your website. No doubt you will receive some great testimonials. Enthusiastic comments from raving fans form brilliant content on your site. They help build your reputation. And lead to better business results.

“Well done!”

Positive feedback boosts your self-esteem. I believe we all need applause. I have recently launched my book “How to Become a Marketing Superhero“. And asked my readers to give me their honest feedback. I am proud to share with you some of the things my readers had to say:

Supercharge your marketing skills – This book will inspire you to become more creative, effective and impactful with what you do. With very practical advice on how to organize yourself for success. It really energizes you into action. The 6 marketing superpowers are a must know secret power for all aspiring marketers.
Insightful & pleasant read – This book is an easy read for both young and experienced marketeers. It helps you to reflect if you are still paying enough attention to the things which make you extraordinary in order to create the meaningful impact you are looking for. It will give you insight on what you could do less/more to become or stay a Marketing Superhero.

Room for improvement

Luckily, I have also received some valuable remarks for optimisation. Which I will take into account for the next edition, which will be launched soon. I have also received valuable feedback on my website and newsletter sign-up process, which now includes a free excerpt of my book.  Dow which I have rewritten some of the emails in my mailing system. When you are working on something intensely, you tend to overlook some minor details. Since you are so familiar with it, to tend to get a bit blind. Fresh eyes give you new views. And spot the obvious and not so obvious errors.

Done is better than perfect

Especially when launching a digital product, I follow the mantra: launch fast, release often. You can always make changes later on. That is the beauty of internet marketing. If I had postponed the launch of my Marketing Superhero content on my blogs — to make it all perfect — I would have missed out on all the opportunities for making it even better and my book would have never been published. Simply because I couldn’t have asked for feedback.

Train your first Marketing Power

In my book, I give tips to help unleash your six Marketing Powers. When reviewing the feedback from others, be sure to apply the Power of Transferable Thinking. With an open mind, keep what is best and ditch the rest. But I challenge you: instead of discarding a remark as useless — see how you could apply it to your situation? Then you make the most out of the feedback you get.


Do you want to unleash your Marketing Powers? Download the excerpt of “How to become a Marketing Superhero!” and let me know what you think. Please leave a comment in the boxes below or on my Facebook page. I really appreciate your feedback.

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