Focus also on what is

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Focus also on what is withMartijnFocus also on what is

With your plan in place, it now comes down to taking the appropriate action. Only massive actions will get you those massive results you are after. But don’t overdo it or push yourself too much. Things often take some time. You need to pace yourself, also in order to allow the people around you to keep up. Besides your goals, it remains import to also focus on what is.

Focus both on the future and the present

Don’t get caught up living too much in the future. Prevent from being constantly busy with what is not there yet. Recognise we live in the here and now. And that — although you might aim for something bigger and better — the present time can also be okay. By allowing yourself “off the hook” now and then, you can replenish your energy and focus. In order to keep pursuing your goals.

Where attention goes, energy flows

Don’t continuously focus on what is missing. Also enjoy the current state your life is in right now. Be grateful for the lessons you still have to learn. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in this situation, is my opinion. Be brave and deliberately seek out to learn those lessons head on. This is also a brilliant way to expand your comfort zone. Things will get easier over time!

See people as your mirrors

I believe the people you meet in your life, pop-up there for a reason. The things you notice about them are often a mirror reflection of yourself. The things you treasure in another person, you should also treasure in yourself. The things that bother you in the behaviour of others, are often traits you dislike in yourself.


So remain compassionate, especially when you look in your own mirror.

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