Feeling overwhelmed? Do a triple D!

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Ditch Delegate or Do Differently withMartijn

Feeling overwhelmed? Do a triple D!

Many Marketing Superheroes I speak, are feeling overwhelmed. In todays world, it is quite a challenge to keep up. At the same time many Marketing Superheroes also put a lot of pressure on themselves. As they are striving for continuous improvements. They want to do everything. If you are feeling overwhelmed, do this triple D exercise, to release the pressure and get instant clarity.

Do a Brain dump

To start take as little as five minutes to write down all that is on your mind. I highly recommend writing this down with pen and paper. I suggest going to your favourite coffee place. Sit down and  order a nice latte for this step. Treat yourself. Write things down. Then write some more. This will help to clear your mind and you get an overview of all the stuff that is making you feel overwhelmed. Now it comes down to asking the triple D question.

What can you Ditch?

First cross off all the stuff that is irrelevant, unimportant or plain nonsense. Ditch it! Perhaps these tasks are irrelevant for now? Write them down as tasks for the future. Know that they are kept safe on you “To Do Later” list. So you don’t need to worry about them today. That is a relief. Of course, you do need to take action on them at some point. But when feeling overwhelmed, people tend to become immobilised. So let’s first start moving again.

What can you Delegate?

You can do anything, not just everything. Review the stuff that is left on your list — perhaps even the things on your “To Do Later” list — and see what you can delegate. Hire a cleaner, order in food or all your groceries, get an accountant. Perhaps only temporarily. Yes, this will cost you extra money. But it also saves you a lot of time. And after all time is our most precious recourse. You can always make more money when you loose it. But you can never get your time back.

What can you Do Differently?

Finally, think how to do things differently. Albert Einstein stated: Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, but expecting different results. To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed again, you need to rethink your approach. Are your boundaries clear? Do you need to restate them? Don’t say yes that easily. But also evaluate what is the best time for you to do certain things. Read the signs of your own body and act upon them.This will help you feel more relaxed and on top of things.


These tips will unlock the magic of Focus Pocus — as described in my book “How to become a Marketing Superhero!” — in less then half an hour. It will give you overview and make you feel more at ease. Since you will be the one in the drivers seat. If you need help with this, feel free to contact me.

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