Evaluate the Process

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Evaluate the process

Evaluate the Process

Besides evaluating the overall outcome, I highly recommend you to take some time to review your process. So how exactly you got to those results. What can you learn from it? What should you continue doing? And what should you stop? I ensure you, with this mindset you will get even better results as a Marketing Superhero.

Top — Tip

One great, simple way of getting feedback on your process is the Top — Tip technique. After I have facilitated a strategic workshop or creative brainstorm, I always wrap-up my session by drawing two faces on a flip chart. One is a big smiley and the other one a sad face. And then I ask each participant to state (at least) one positive aspect and one point for improvement abut the workshop. So what was Top? And are there any Tips for the future? This technique is also applicable to meetings, or even when organising diner parties at home*.

Continuous Improvement

By letting your team answer this simple question, you gain insight in what works really well. So you can keep on doing that. But you also get valuable feedback for improvements. At the same time you get a better understanding in the fears and doubts amongst your team members. You can anticipate on this in follow-up sessions, or one on one. Depending the subject.

Rework the Feedback

Whether you incorporate the feedback into checklists for the future. Or helping to adjust your plans or product. You always need to rework the feedback given to you. As mentioned above, the feedback you receive, also tells a lot about the person who is giving it. And he or she is not you. Keep the best, ditch the rest. But remember to Think Transferable to see how things could work in your situation.


Please let me know — either in the comments below or by sending me an email — what is Top about this blog. But also send me your suggestions for improvement. Thank you so much for your Tips!

* as a true Marketing Superhero your are really getting the hang of Thinking Transferable!

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