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Enjoy your gifts withMartijnEnjoy your gifts

You have probably heard the saying: today is a gift, that why we call it the present. And although it might sound a little tacky, it beholds an important truth. If you look around and keep an open mind, you will find you are being offered many gifts throughout your day. But not all are wrapped up with a nice bow. Some gifts require a little work to be discovered. They are more like hidden treasures.

Look and you will find

I believe that you can learn something from everybody you meet. Through interactions with other people, you can get new information, new ideas or even a totally new perspective on your own situation. Sharing really is caring. Because this works of course both ways. If you approach the world with an inquiring, open mind, interactions become much more meaningful.

You give the meaning

Quite often this requires a little digging. You need to reflect on it, in order to find that hidden gift. Remember that you are the one giving meaning. It is highly personal. Because it involves the state in life you are in right now. It requires a high level of self-awareness — which I believe is essential for becoming a true Marketing Superhero.

Share your gifts

I believe we are all here on earth with an unique set of talents and skills. In my opinion your mission should be to become the best you you can be. For that you need to share your unique gifts with the world. To use your talents to helps other fulfil their mission. And if you get rewarded for that, what a great gift that is!


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